Top 10 SUVS

A List Of Top 10 SUVs


The design of the sports utility vehicles was influenced by military vehicles, such as the Land Rover and Jeep. These automobiles were very popular with farmers and other people who spent a large portion of their times off road. Over the last few years, these vehicles have become very popular with urban families and below are the list of top 10 SUVs for you to consider.


Acura MDX

top 10 suvs


The vehicle comes with a 3471 cc engine with a fuel tank capacity of three and a half liters. Additionally, the six volt front engine is provided with 89 mm bore, 93 millimeter stroke, and 10 CR. Moreover, it includes overhead cam, variable valves and camshaft, containing four valves for each cylinder.


Audi Q5


The Audi Q5 features a 3197 cc three point two liters fuel tank. The six volt front engine features 85.5 millimeter bore, 92.8 millimeter stroke, and 12.5 compression ratio. Moreover, this SUV is available with dual overhead cam, changeable valve timing and camshaft, containing 4 valves in each cylinder.


BMW ActiveHybrid X6


The engine is power packed with 4.4 liters V eight double overhead cam with the VVT. Moreover, the company has provided a turbo compressor in this vehicle. The ratio of which is 10.0 by 1 with four valves in each cylinder.


Cadillac SRX


The sports utility vehicle is available with auxiliary oil cooler. This automobile is provided with 3564 cc 3.6 liters V six front motor. The engine offers 94 millimeter bore, 85.6 millimeter stroke, 10.2 CR with two cams above and four valves in each of the gaskets.


Chevrolet Equinox


The powerful automobile is available with 3425 cc 3.4 liters V six front engine. The engine provides 92 mm bore, 84 millimeter feature with 9.5 CRs. The vehicle uses unleaded fuel 87 and offers overhead and two valves in every cylinder.




This car uses premium unleaded fuel with 4398 cc 4.4 liters eight V motor. The engine offers 92 millimeter bore, 82.7 millimeter stroke, and ten compression ratios. The automobile comes with two overhead cams, adjustable valve camshaft as well as timing belt along with four valves in each gasket apiece.


Chevrolet HHR


This SUV from Chevrolet runs on unleaded 87 fuel in the 2189 cc 2.2 liters in-line four front motor. The four front engines provides bore, stroke, and compression ratio of 86 and 94.6 mm, and 10, respectively. Moreover, it comes with two overhead cams and four valves for every cylinder, the L61.


Audi Q7


The Audi Q7 uses premium unleaded fuel 91 in the 4163 model containing 4.2 liters V eight front engine. The motor offers up to 84.5 millimeter bore and 92.8 millimeter stroke, and 12.5 CR. With the twofold above head cam, flexible camshaft, and five valves for each cylinder, this automobile is very popular.


BMW X3The BMW X3 requires premium unleaded fuel to provide superior performance. The 2.5 liters six engine provides up to 84 millimeter bore and seventy five millimeter stroke, and 10.5 CR. Moreover, it features double overhead cam, and four flexible valves per cylinder.


Chevrolet Suburban


This popular automobile in the top 10 SUVs list uses unleaded fuel with additional E 85 87. The 5328 cc 5.3 liters V eight engine vehicle is gaining vast popularity. It offers 96 mm bore, 92 mm stroke, and 9.5 compression ratio with a valve above and dual valves per L59 cylinder.


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